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Simulation and morphing before rhinoplasty

Communication between the patient and the surgeon is essential for a successful rhinoplasty.

Using image processing software, I can modify the contours of your nose, remove a bump, shorten or augment your nose to simulate your desired result.

It is also very interesting to see the pre- and postoperative rhinoplasty photographs of the surgeon you are consulting, this will give you a good overview.

This information sheet was written in May 2021 by Dr Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris. Dr. ABBOU specializes in cosmetic surgery and performs both cosmetic and reconstructive nose surgery several times a week.

Dr. Ralph ABBOU has defended his medical thesis on the subject of rhinoplasty and has published several scientific publications on the subject.

Dr Ralph ABBOU participates in several congresses per year in France and abroad in order to maintain and perfect his theoretical and technical skills.

Before and after rhinoplasty photos in Paris

What is morphing or simulation for rhinoplasty ?

Simulation rhinoplastie paris

Computer imaging allows the surgeon to manipulate digital photographs to reshape the nasal contour using cosmetic rhinoplasty simulation software

The resulting shape is a realistic-looking image that allows the patient and surgeon to visualize the results of specific changes such as variations in :

  • nasal length
  • nasal width
  • nostril contour

However, there are limits. An honest surgeon will avoid promoting the operation with unrealistic or misleading computer imaging. An end result that resembles the computer imaging is often achieved in skilled hands when the computer imaging is performed in a thoughtful, reasoned, and realistic manner.

What are the objectives of the simulation before rhinoplasty ?

  • Improve communication between you and your surgeon before rhinoplasty
  • Visualize the possible results of your rhinoplasty
  • Avoid disappointment after rhinoplasty

Who can benefit from the simulation before rhinoplasty ?

For all patients who wish to beautify their nose by changing the shape and proportions of their nose.

How is the analysis of your nose done in a medical consultation before an operation ?

  • The consultation for a rhinoplasty begins with a minimum of 6 photographs of the nose.
  • I then methodically analyze these photographs and analyze all the areas of improvement of your nose point by point.
  • I then make a therapeutic proposal by synthesizing your wishes and my analysis.


How to anticipate the result of my rhinoplasty?

Preoperative computer morphing before rhinoplasty does not predict the outcome of your rhinoplasty and offers no guarantee.

Morphing does not necessarily predict what your surgeon is capable of. Be sure to look specifically at before and after photos of real patients who have had rhinoplasty by your surgeon and not just a computer animation system. 

You should be able to see many photos of real patients with a nose similar to yours, operated on by your surgeon. 

Is the result of my rhinoplasty guaranteed?

No doctor can ever guarantee a result for rhinoplasty or any other medical or surgical procedure. Medicine is an art, not an exact science, and complications can occur, although they are unlikely.

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