Cheek Surgery

Cheek surgery improves the appearance of the central area of the face through aesthetic medicine or surgery.

In some cases, your cosmetic surgeon will offer you to reduce the volume of the cheeks through liposuction or removal of Bichat balls to dig the cheeks.

In other cases, if there is a lack of volume in the cheeks, your cosmetic surgeon may offer injections of hyaluronic acid or lipofilling (reinjection of your own fat) or the placement of implants for cheekbones.

If there is a sagging skin on the cheeks, your cosmetic surgeon will offer a treatment of aesthetic medicine in small cases by injections of hyaluronic acid or cervicofacial lifting in more advanced cases.

Finally, dimple surgery or Dimpleplasty is for those who have always dreamed of having dimples: thanks to cosmetic surgery it is possible…