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Breast augmentation Paris. Breast implants

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to increase the volume of the chest.

Depending on your morphology and your wishes after a medical examination, we can offer you breast augmentation :

  1. Breast prostheses : round or anatomical prostheses via the axilla or under the breast or areolar in front of or below the pectoralis major muscle.
  2. Breast lipofilling or lipomodeling : to increase the volume of the breasts of patients who do not want an implant. Lipofilling increases the volume of a cup in general (fat transfer breast augmentation).

Composite by prostheses and lipofilling : with both an implant and a fat injection :

  • The point is to get a natural look.
  • The second advantage of this technique is to combine liposuction with the placement of implants, i.e. to slim down certain regions of your body.

Combined with a breast lift : to treat sagging breasts (breast ptosis) at the same time.

The price of breast augmentation starts from €6300

Coverage by social security is possible in the event of breast agenesis (total absence of breasts), which is rare in practice.

This information sheet was written in July 2020 by Doctor ABBOU Ralph and Doctor PESSIS Rachel who are plastic surgeons in Paris.

before and after photos of breast augmentation paris

What are the different breast augmentation techniques ?

Breast prostheses and implants

Breast augmentation with breast prostheses is a cosmetic surgery procedure that increases the volume of the breasts through the placement of silicone breast implants.

Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery procedure that increases volume without breast implants. Lipofilling consists of injecting your fat into the breasts (fat transfer breast augmentation).


Definition of breast augmentation

It is a plastic surgery procedure that can improve the volume and shape of your breasts and correct sagging and loss of breast volume associated with age, weight loss, pregnancy or feeding with milk.

This procedure is usually performed with breast implants. They are available in a wide range of diameters, volumes, and projections, and your surgeon can suggest a size that best suits your body and goals.

Breast implants filled with silicone gel or saline are inserted through an incision around the nipples (periareolar), under the breasts (in the crease under the breast), or in the armpit (transaxillary) and then placed under or over the muscle pectoral.

In some cases, implants are associated with fat transfer because the fat to achieve an even more natural result. Another augmentation option is a breast lift, which lifts sagging breasts and repositions the nipple in the correct position. It can be combined with implants.

It is intended for the following patients:

  • Some women have very underdeveloped breasts due to a small volume mammary gland.
  • Other women have developed breasts but find them a bit small compared to their morphology.
  • There are also breast malformations (tuberous breasts in particular) where the breast does not develop normally.
  • In other cases, it may be a loss of volume after pregnancy.
  • Finally, significant weight loss can also cause a loss of breast volume.

The procedure can be performed at any age from the age of 18. A minor patient is usually not considered fit to undergo an augmentation, but it is however possible in the context of malformation in reconstructive surgery.

This cosmetic surgery technique also corrects breast asymmetry.

How much does breast augmentation paris cost in Paris ?

Breast enlargement costs from, €5000

Coverage by social security is possible in the event of reconstructive surgery. Your plastic surgeon will suggest it to you if your case justifies it.

Surgical interventionPrice
Breast augmentation by implantsfrom €5500
By lipofillingfrom €7500

Price of breast implants : from €5500.

Price of fat transfer surgery : from €7500.

The price of breast enlargement depends on :

  • The complexity of your case
  • Whether or not there is health insurance coverage
  • The operating time
  • The mode of accommodation (outpatient or hospitalization).


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  • The breasts will be bigger, firmer and look younger.
  • The results last 10 to 15 years on average.
  • You can choose a volume and shape that best suits your body.

The inconvenients

  • Pregnancy, menopause and weight loss can affect your results.
  • Implants are not lifelong devices, they need to be changed every 10-15 years.

Complications are rare in practice but you should be aware of them:

  • Hematoma (acute bleeding after the procedure)
  • Infection
  • Shell (reaction of the body against the implant: the breast becomes hard)

There may be reimbursement by social security for breast augmentation in the event of lack of breast development, i.e. a cup smaller than an A cup. These situations are rare in practice.

Breast ptosis is defined as a drooping appearance of the breasts. This slippage is due to a sagging of the gland and a loosening of the skin. Breast ptosis can be of natural origin or appear following a significant loss of weight or after pregnancy.

The choice of volume, shape and implantation position of the breast prostheses is made in consultation.
This choice results from the discussion between you and your plastic surgeon according to your wishes and the surgical possibilities so that the result is as natural and harmonious as possible.
There are round or anatomical prostheses, smooth or textured envelopes. It is possible to place the prosthesis in front of or behind the muscle. The choice between these different parameters is complex and depends on your anatomy and your wishes. It will be explained to you during a medical consultation.

Can I sleep on my stomach or on my side ?
During the first month, the healing time around the prostheses, it is recommended to sleep on your back so as not to exert stress on the breasts. Throughout this period, it is necessary to wear a compression bra.

Yes it is quite possible to breastfeed after breast augmentation with prostheses. You should simply report it to your obstetrician-gynecologist during the follow-up of your pregnancy in order to be vigilant if you have breastfeeding complications (pain after milk rise or abscess).

Pregnancy has no direct effect on breast prostheses. However, breast size may vary due to the enlargement of the mammary gland during pregnancy in preparation for possible breastfeeding.

As with all surgical procedures, tobacco slows healing and increases the risk of pathological scarring. Smoking also increases the risk of peri-prosthetic shell. It is necessary to stop smoking at least 15 days before and after the intervention.

Breast lipofilling is for patients who want a moderate increase in breast volume without breast implants. Fat injection avoids the use of a prosthesis to increase the volume. Lipofilling allows in practice an increase in volume of a cup on breasts that do not fall (absence of breast ptosis)

Augmentation by prosthesis allows an increase in the volume of the breasts thanks to an implant. The implant constitutes a foreign body, generally very well tolerated by the body. Currently, it is considered that an implant should be changed every 10 to 15 years. The implant makes it possible to reach almost all breast volumes, provided of course that the morphology of the thorax allows it.

Lipofilling uses your own fat. There is no implant, so it is the most natural solution possible. The result is final. On the other hand, lipofilling allows more moderate increases in volume than implants, and it sometimes takes several sessions to obtain the expected result.

Finally, composite breast augmentation makes it possible to combine prostheses and lipofilling in order to obtain a very natural result.

Before the intervention

  • The plastic surgeon examines your breasts and assesses potential fat donor areas (where liposuction will take place) for lipofilling: abdomen, hips, thighs or knees, saddlebags. These are truly two procedures in one, which will also allow you to reshape the entire silhouette by slimming the areas chosen for liposuction.

It should be understood that the volume of increase expected depends directly on the volume of fat that can be removed.

  • A radiological breast assessment will be prescribed for you and we will give you an information sheet which will summarize in writing all the information given during this consultation.
  • Anesthesia consultation
  • Preoperative blood test

The intervention takes place in the clinic in the operating room. It lasts about two to three hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed and requires general anesthesia.


What are the possible scars after placement of breast implants ?

  • Areola: The skin color transition between breast skin and darker areola skin color is the perfect place to hide a scar
  • Crease or crease under the breast: Another common site for inserting breast implants is the crease under the breast, which allows you to obtain almost invisible scars.
  • Armpits: Using modern endoscopic equipment, a new site for inserting breast implants is through the armpits. The scar is well hidden in the natural folds of the armpit creases. The advantage of the underarm approach is the absence of scars on the breasts.

cicatrice augmentation mammaire


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