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Forehead reduction surgery also called hairline lowering  is a cosmetic surgery of the forehead which is also called scalp advance, scalp reduction or advanced scalp.

Forehead reduction surgery reduces the height of the forehead by lowering the implantation of the hair (lowering the forehead line) by removing a strip of skin from the forehead: to treat a forehead that is too large, too domed or a large forehead.

The procedure achieves more balanced facial proportions and increases hair density at the forehead.

Forehead reduction surgery can reduce the height of the forehead by 2 to 3 cm depending on the elasticity of your scalp.

I do practice hair transplantation to reduce the height of the forehead if you don t want any scar but hair density will be lower than surgical hairline lowering.

This fact sheet was written by Dr ABBOU Ralph who is a cosmetic surgeon in Paris specializing in forehead reduction.

Photos before and after forehead reduction by hairline lowering Paris

What is a hairline lowering?

Forehead reduction or hairline lowering is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reduces the forehead and allows the hairline to be lowered for a maximum of 2 to 3 cm.

Our technique allows an advancement of the frontal line without hair transplants. The degree of advancement of the hair is determined by the will of the patient and by the laxity and flexibility of the scalp

Scalp advancement surgery is a useful procedure for facial rejuvenation with almost immediate results in a single operation. The results are very satisfactory.

Long faces are often concerned with a large forehead.

Scalp advancement surgery is a useful procedure for facial rejuvenation with almost immediate results in a single operation. The results are very satisfactory.

Long faces are often concerned with a large forehead.

The reduction of the forehead by lowering the forehead line makes it possible to treat curved foreheads because the lowered hair will cover the upper part of the forehead.

What are the goals of hairline lowering?

Forehead reduction can reduce the height of the forehead, lower the hairline to treat a forehead that is too tall, too big or a bulging forehead.
If the elasticity of the scalp is satisfactory, scalp advancement surgery will give you:
  •   a faster hair restoration result than hair transplants which require a multi-step treatment and a growth time of about six months before obtaining a satisfactory result.
  •    an almost invisible scar a few months after surgery.

Who is forehead reduction or hairline lowering for?

Forehead reduction is for all patients who:

  • Have too much forehead height
  • Have baldness or frontal hair loss
  • Are complexed by a forehead that is too high
  • Always style their hair forward to conceal the height of the forehead
  • Have a domed forehead or a large forehead with a prominent frontal bone.

What is the procedure for hairline lowering?

Before forehead reduction  

  • Two cosmetic surgery medical consultations to analyze your face and plan your forehead reduction
  • An anesthesia consultation
  • A preoperative assessment
  • Smoking cessation

Process of the operation

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room.

This cosmetic surgery procedure lasts approximately one hour.

It consists of :

  • removing the upper part of the forehead skin that does not contain hair
  • transferring the scalp forward to replace an area without hair with an area that contains hair.
  • This reduces the height of the forehead and lowers the scalp.
  • There is no need for a hair donor area like for hair transplantation.
  • To reduce the height of the forehead, the reference technique is the scalp advancement flap.

Here are the steps of this intervention:

  • General anesthesia in the operating room
  • Incision at the junction between the hair and the forehead to minimize the visible scar
  • The surgeon then removes a strip of skin from the forehead by 2 to 3 cm and then closes it by moving the hair downwards, which reduces the height of the forehead by 2 to 3 cm.
  • Placement of a compression bandage for 24 hours. This dressing is removed the day after the operation.

The surgical outcomes

The consequences are not painful. The evolution can be marked by ecchymoses (bruises) and edema which will last about 10 days. The scar is visible for the first few weeks and will gradually fade over several months.

The final result of the scar will be judged one year after the intervention.

It is possible to improve the result of the scar thanks to the Urgotouch laser.

Recovery is different for each person. Most people can resume normal activities the next day, although there may be pain, redness, swelling and bruising.” Most patients take a week of recovery to let swelling and bruising subside before returning to work, but some are able to work from home or even go to work or school a few days after surgery. by wearing a headband or hat or by combing your hair forward to hide the sutures. Most doctors also recommend avoiding strenuous activities for the first week. You will be prescribed pain medication to ease any discomfort during the first few days of your recovery. To minimize swelling and bruising, you will need to keep your head elevated, even when sleeping. Using multiple pillows for support will help the healing process. Your surgeon will give you instructions on keeping the incision clean and checking for any signs of infection.

The stitches are removed one week after the operation.

Most of my patients can go home the same day or the day after the procedure without any dressings and be fully presentable a day or two later. There is usually little or no swelling or bruising around the eyes.

It takes about six months for the incision site to fully heal and fade, but most patients can style their hair to hide the incision while it heals.

What are the prices for lowering the frontal line ?

Surgical interventionPrice
Forehead reduction or hairline lowering from 6000 €

This forehead reduction price includes the fees of the surgeon, the anesthetist and the clinic fees.


Questions most frequently asked by patients

Who are good candidates for forehead reduction surgery?

The best candidates for hairline lowering surgery have a high forehead, good scalp elasticity, no thinning hair, and a desire to change the proportions of their facial features. “The procedure is ideal for patients who find it difficult to conceal their high forehead with their hairstyles”

Many male and female patients present with a receding hairline. This frontal hair loss can start very young. Others are patients who have always had a large forehead and want to reduce the forehead to match the rest of their face. This surgery is best for people born with a high hairline, not for those trying to combat hair loss due to male or female pattern baldness.

Does reducing the forehead or lowering the hairline achieve a natural result?

Yes, the reduction of the forehead allows to obtain a lowering of the hairline and to harmonize the proportions of the face in a completely natural way. The scar is almost invisible one year after the operation.

Below is an example of a scar from the lowering of the frontal line 7 days after the operation.

Cicatrice réduction du front chirurgie esthétique pariss 

What are the pros and cons of forehead reduction ?

Advantages :
  • The results are immediate and permanent.
  • The procedure does not change the texture of existing hair and does not decrease hair density.
  • Increase in hairline density

The inconvenients :

  • You may have temporary (4 to 6 months) numbness along the surgical incision.

How to stop having a big forehead?

  • Forehead reduction operation or hairline lowering
  • Hair transplant (unsatisfactory results if performed alone), hair transplant can be offered as a complementary treatment to camouflage the scar after forehead reduction.

Is hair transplantation indicated to reduce the forehead?

yes, hair transplantation is a good solution to reduce the height of the forehead because if you refuse the scar but hair density will be lower than surgical scalp advancement

What is the average size of a forehead?

Ideally, the height of the forehead corresponds to a third of the height of the face. That is, a distance between the eyebrows and the implantation of the hair of between 5 and 7 cm on average. 

Is the forehead reduction scar visible ? 

You will have a scar after forehead reduction surgery, but it should be easily hidden under your hair. The hair follicles are buried under the incision, so the hair grows in front and effectively hides the scars If your natural hair growth after surgery does not hide the scar as much as you would like, hair transplantation can help camouflage it further. The secondary transplant is very rare and not necessary in practice.

How long do the results of forehead reduction last ?

The front hairline, once lowered, remains in its lowered position for life. The results are stable and final.

How to shrink your forehead without surgery ?

Hair transplants are an act of aesthetic medicine that allow you to shrink your forehead without surgery.

How to shrink your forehead with cosmetic surgery ?

It is possible to narrow your forehead thanks to forehead reduction surgery or lowering of the forehead line.

What are the alternatives to forehead reduction surgery ?

The main alternative to forehead reduction surgery is hair transplantation. This procedure typically requires at least two cycles of treatment, and unlike brow reduction surgery, results are not immediate. It can take several months for new hair to grow completely after a hair transplant procedure. Forehead reduction and hair transplantation can complement each other. Hair transplantation can make the hairline look more natural, rounding the hairline or narrowing a wide forehead.

The other common surgical combination is brow reduction and brow lift. This combination helps smooth wrinkles and furrows on the forehead, lifting the eyebrows to a more youthful position.

How to treat a bulging forehead ?

Forehead reduction treats a bulging forehead by covering the bulging area with your hair.

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Hello you can schedule your consultation with Dr Abbou for forehead reduction in Paris directly on our website or by phone 00 33 1 53 81 44 45
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