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Breast lift Paris

The breast lift or breast ptosis cure is a mammaplasty which makes it possible to rejuvenate and beautify the breasts without modifying the breast volume, it is a question of raising the breasts as they were a few years ago.

The correction of sagging breasts is done by removing excess skin and lifting the areola by mastopexy.

Vertical, T-shaped or round block scars are visible for a few months and then gradually fade. The result of the breast ptosis treatment is assessed after a few months after reduction of the periareolar scar and the breast furrow.

It is possible to achieve a breast augmentation at the same time thanks to breast prostheses or breast lipofilling.

The operation is not covered by social security.

This medical information page was written by Dr Rachel Pessis who is a cosmetic surgeon in Paris specializing in breast surgery.

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Before and after breast lift photos in Paris

What is a breast lift?

A facelift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic breast surgery that corrects sagging breasts.
Breast ptosis (sagging breast volume) can exist from the outset but most often occurs after significant weight loss or during pregnancy with breastfeeding.

Why have recourse to the treatment of breast ptosis?

  • Lift saggy breasts
  • Put the areola and the nipple back in the right position
  • Lift the mammary gland.
  • Remove the excess skin to obtain two harmonious, nicely shaped breasts.
  • Rejuvenate breasts

If you have breast enlargement (large breasts), the treatment is breast reduction.

Which patients can do this operation?

The breast lift is for patients who have  sagging breasts and who wish to raise them while keeping the same volume.


How is breast lifting performed ?

Here’s what to do first:

  • Two cosmetic surgery medical consultations
  • Anesthesia consultation
  • Preoperative blood test and mammography
  • Smoking cessation

A breast lift requires general anesthesia.

Each surgeon adopts a technique that he adapts to each case to obtain the best results in your specific case.

There are three types of possible scars after a breast ptosis treatment. The choice of the technique used depends on the importance of the ptosis of your breasts: are they slightly droopy or very droopy?

cure de ptôse

Small breast ptosis: The scar around the areola helps to correct slightly sagging breasts.

cure de ptose

The vertical scar associated with the scar around the areola makes it possible to treat moderately sagging breasts.

cure de ptose

Significant breast ptosis: The inverted T scar (3 scars) corrects very sagging breasts.

At the end of the procedure, a modeling dressing is applied.

The intervention can last between one and a half hours and two hours.

What are the consequences of the operation?

The postoperative course is generally painless, requiring only simple analgesics.

Wearing this bra is recommended for about a month, night and day.

It is advisable to wait one to two months before resuming a sporting activity. The result can only be judged from one year after the intervention.

The chest then most often has a harmonious and natural curve, symmetrical or very close to symmetry.

How much does a breast lift cost?

Surgical intervention 
Breast liftfrom 5000 euros

Breast lift surgery is never covered by social security.

We answer your questions :

Is breast sensitivity after breast lift modified?

Most patients retain nipple sensation, although usually your nipples are not as sensitive as they were before surgery. The most prominent scar is in the submammary fold and this area will be numb for some time. The nipple and upper half of the breast usually regain normal sensitivity.

Difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift?

The breast lift or ptosis cure changes the shape of the breast, not the volume. A breast reduction will also reduce your actual breast volume in addition to improving breast shape.

Is breastfeeding possible after breast ptosis?

Most patients can. But if you’re dead set on breastfeeding, you might want to wait until you’ve had all of your children, because there are no guarantees.

Is there a scar after a breast lift?

reduction mammaire paris 

After a breast lift, we obtain in most cases an inverted T scar which breaks down into:

  • First A periareolar scar (incision around the areola)
  • A vertical scar
  • Finally a horizontal sca6


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