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Hyaluronic acid injections and fillers Paris

Hyaluronic acid is an injectable gel that allows to increase or restore the volumes of the face and body, to treat wrinkles and fine lines of the skin and to hydrate your skin with simple follow-ups and without surgical intervention.

It is the most used filler in the world in aesthetic medicine.

It is a hydrophilic molecule naturally present in the connective tissue of the dermis, the synovial fluid of the joints and the vitreous humor of the eye. In the skin, hyaluronic acid fills the inter-cellular spaces by causing a call for water. It has a very strong hydrating power.

Hyaluronic acid injections also improve skin hydration.

This medical information, news and advice sheet was written by Dr ABBOU and Dr PESSIS who are doctors and plastic surgeons in Paris.

Before and after hyaluronic acid injections in Paris

What are hyaluronic acid injections used for?

Hyaluronic acid injections are the reference product for rejuvenating the face and deeply moisturizing the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid injections reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat existing wrinkles and loss of facial volume. Their use is recommended to fight against skin dehydration, responsible for a dull complexion, skin dryness or loss of vitality.

How are hyaluronic acid injections performed ?

There are several injection techniques and each aesthetic doctor has his or her own method for obtaining the best results.

The amount of product needed is of course extremely variable depending on the patient.

The session takes place at our medical office.  After analyzing your face or your figure, we propose a natural anti-aging treatment plan adapted to your case and to the desired treatment area.

Before the hyaluronic acid injection, we apply an anesthetic cream to the treated area to reduce pain and improve your comfort.

In addition, the injected products contain lidocaine which is an anesthetic. This allows for local anesthesia of the injected area during the treatment.

The time required at the office is on average one hour in order to treat you serenely and to offer you the best conditions of listening, safety and comfort.

After your hyaluronic acid injections, the aftermath is simple. You can go home or resume your daily activities.

What are the after-effects after the injections of filling products?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in the skin cells.

The results and effects are visible almost immediately after the treatment, and improve over the following 2 to 4 weeks.

  • First, the immediate aftermath: swelling and redness that disappear after one to three days. On the lips, however, the swelling is often more pronounced and can sometimes last a week.
  • Afterwards, a few days are necessary to appreciate the final result.
  • The immediate result after treatment is not the final result.

The results can last between 9 and 18 months depending on the products administered.

What is the difference between Botox and hyaluronic acid ?

Botox injections relax the muscles that contribute to wrinkles. Results are visible after a few days and last 4 to 6 months on average.

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill in wrinkles, hollows and other areas that lack volume. Results are visible almost immediately and last for an average of 12 months.

When to have fillers injections ?

They are possible from the age of 18. Indeed, some patients wish to beautify an area: for example, the lips. It is not necessarily a question of correcting the signs of aging. It allows to increase the volume or to restore the volume of an area. Hyaluronic acid can also moisturize your skin.

Who can perform hyaluronic acid injections ?

They are reserved for cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic physicians who have received solid theoretical and practical training. Some dermatologists can also perform them.

Are hyaluronic acid injections painful ?

No, they are not painful because our injection technique is perfectly mastered and we use the appropriate needles and cannulas. In addition, an anesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated for 20 minutes to reduce your discomfort.

We use the following hyaluronic acids:

  • Voluma ( Allergan ) and styling XL ( Vivacy ) for the increase of facial volumes ( cheekbones, chin … )
  • Volbella ( Allergan ) for the treatment of hollow circles
  • Volift ( Allergan ) for lip plumping
  • Hyacorp for volume increase of the buttocks.
Price of injections: from 400 € per syringe. The price depends on the quantity of product necessary for your treatment.acide hyaluronique paris

Hyaluronic acid price Paris 

What is the price of hyaluronic acid injections ?

Medical intervention Price
Hyaluronic acid injections From 480 € tax included / syringe 


What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid ?

  • Hydration of the skin
  • Improvement of skin quality
  • Treatment of facial wrinkles
  • Filling and volume increase of the face and body
  • Restoration of volume
  • Treatment of acne scars

What is the best filler ?

We use the best hyaluronic acids on the market that have all the necessary authorizations and hindsight: Allergan juvederm products: voluma, volift and volbella and Vivacy styling products.

What are the dangers of hyaluronic acid ?

  • Bruises that last a few days
  • Edema
  • Insufficient correction or asymmetry
  • Necrosis of the skin

Some specific risks can be serious, which is why it is important to consult only experienced practitioners.

How to avoid hematomas after hyaluronic acid injections ?

  • Preventive homeopathic treatment Arnica Montana 48 hours before the injections and for 5 days after the injections
  • Experienced physician
  • Injections with a cannula and not with a needle
  • No anti-inflammatory drugs 7 days before the treatment.

How to sleep after a hyaluronic acid injection ?

After a hyaluronic acid injection, it is preferable to sleep on your back, with your head slightly elevated by a pillow so as not to press on the injected areas and to prevent the appearance of edema..

Où se faire des injections d’acide hyaluronique ?

The areas most often treated are :

  • Cheekbones
  • Naso genial folds
  • The bitterness folds
  • The chin
  • The mandibular angles and the jaw.

It is possible to combine injections with other aesthetic medical treatments

  • Botox or botulinum toxin injections to eliminate wrinkles
  • tensor threads to tighten tissues and restore volume
  • peelings to remove spots
  • The liquid facelift: Face lift without surgery


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