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Desirial injections Paris : non surgical treatment of genital dryness

Desirial injections are hyaluronic acid injections for the vagina from the Vivacy laboratory’s Stylage range for the medical treatment of vaginal dryness and to improve the hydration and lubrication of the female sexual organs (vulva and vagina).

Désirial plus injections are hyaluronic acid injections to increase the volume of the large vaginal lips.

The injections of Désirial products are a treatment of  genital aesthetic medicine  for women of all ages

This genital cosmetic treatment takes place in the doctor’s office and allows for the treatment of genital dryness and the augmentation of the vaginal lips by filling with cross-linked hyaluronic acid to improve sexual relations and intimate health for women.

This medical information sheet was written in July 2020 by Dr. Ralph ABBOU and Dr. Rachel PESSIS who are cosmetic surgeons in Paris.

What is Désirial ?

Désirial is an anti-aging hyaluronic acid specially developed for the genital sphere of women. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the human body. The general principle is that hyaluronic acid, by creating a call of water within the tissues, allows to reinforce their hydration, their elasticity and their tonicity.

In addition, these medical devices also provide volume in areas that need it.

There are two types of hyaluronic acids specially developed to treat the vulvar and vaginal area in genital surgery on women: Désirial and Désirial plus

Desirial plus

What are the objectives of Désirial and Désirial plus?

Désirial :

  • Improvement of genital hydration
  • Hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area
  • Sensation of soothing of irritated areas
  • Improvement of the tissue quality of the genital mucosa
  • Improvement of sexual quality of life

Désirial Plus :

  • Treatment of atrophy of the vaginal labia majora (loss of volume)
  • Reinforcement of the protective function of the labia majora induced by the increase in volume
  • Improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the vulvar region

Who are the patients interested in Desirial ?

Desirial injections are intended for patients who present : 

  • Clear signs of intimate dryness
  • Vaginal discomfort
  • Chronic irritation
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Loss of volume of the labia majora
  • Unsightly appearance of the vulva

How are Desirial injections performed?

Before the injections

  • Medical consultation with your plastic surgeon
  • Analysis of your case and decision of a treatment plan adapted to your request.

Course of treatment

Desirial injections take place in the doctor’s office.

Desirial is injected directly into the mucous membranes of the vagina and labia minora that need it. In this way, it treats dryness of the mucous membranes and improves the quality of the vaginal tissue.

Desirial Plus is injected into the labia majora to increase their volume and plump them up.

The session is painless, thanks to a local anesthetic gel specially adapted to the mucous membranes.

The aftermath

The after-effects of Desirial injections are very simple, with a slight swelling that persists for a few days after the injection. Sexual intercourse can be resumed 48 hours after the injection.

Desirial price in Paris

Medical intervention
Désirial treatmentFrom 600 €
Désirial Plus treatment

From 600 €


How long do the effects of Desirial injections last?

The effects of Desirial injections last between six months and one year like most hyaluronic acids.

Are Desirial injections painful?

Desirial injections are not painful thanks to : 

  • The injection technique of your plastic surgeon.
  • The application of EMLA anesthetic cream before the injections.
  • The anesthetic product contained in the Desirial syringe (lidocaine).

What are the differences between Désirial and Désirial plus?

Désirial is a hyaluronic acid developed by the Vivacy laboratory specifically for the gynecological sphere in women.

Désirial treats vaginal dryness by improving the hydration of the mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva, while Désirial Plus has a volumizing effect to increase the volume of the labia majora and improve the aesthetics of the vulva.   

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