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Medicis Signature facial protocol PRX-T33 treatment

The Médicis Signature facial protocol is a complete medical program for the treatment of skin quality. The protocol targets three skin actions

It smoothes the skin, refines its texture, and makes it more radiant
It also helps to improve skin imperfections: micro-scars, small spots, acne blemishes, inflammatory comedones
Finally, it has an action on the slackening and aging of the skin.
It is suitable for all skin types (oily or dry, European, African and Asian phototype) and can be performed throughout the year. There is no contraindication with the sun in particular.

The active principle of the treatment is PRXT-33, based on 33% TCA (trichloroacetic acid), a fruit acid often used in the composition of the peel. Unlike conventional peels, the TCA here is modulated by hydrogen peroxide, which inhibits the abrasive effects of the peel. This treatment therefore makes it possible to exfoliate the skin without side effects.

Before and after pictures of PRX T 33 in Paris

How does the PRX T 33 treatment work?

The attack treatment lasts approximately 1 hour.

The first part of the treatment is a preparation of your skin to allow optimal penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, much more effective than a simple application of PRXT on unprepared skin. This part of the treatment is essential so that the active ingredients used can have an in-depth action. It includes in particular the extraction of comedones and the cleaning of pores using ozone and high frequency.

The second part of the treatment consists of the application of active products by vigorous massage. The application is done without needle or injection, by successive massages. Immediately, the application of the product brings an instant boost. Over the long term, the active ingredient penetrates the dermis and stimulates fibroblasts, collagen production and cell renewal. The bio-revitalization of the skin in depth makes it possible to plump, redensify, and hydrate the skin.

Finally your skin is exposed under the medical LED. This method of phototherapy based on cold light increases tissue oxygenation, calms inflammation, and increases the synthetic capacity of fibroblasts. After the LED, we apply an ultra-nourishing Wiqo dermatological cream.

At the end of the treatment, the skin is slightly dewy for one to two hours. There is no social eviction, this treatment can be carried out during the working day for example. It is advisable to continue a good hydration of the skin for maximum effect.

What is the difference with the “classic” application of the PRXT-33 peel?

The PRXT33 Médicis attack protocol was entirely developed by Dr. Pessis for optimal effectiveness of the active ingredients. The secret of the effectiveness of the protocol lies in the preparation of the skin, which is much longer and more complete than the “classic” applications of PRXT-33, and which is the only way to allow optimal penetration of the product.

The design story is simple: disappointed by the typical application standards recommended for PRXT-33, Dr. Pessis developed a protocol that allowed this extraordinary product to work even more effectively. This attack protocol, which lasts one hour, takes four times longer than a classic 15-minute application, but in our opinion, this is the only way that the active ingredients can fully act and the treatment objectives can be achieved.

What are the effects of the PRX-T33 treatment? Are more sessions needed?

The Médicis Signature facial protocol improves the texture, radiance and texture of the skin. At the end of the attack treatment, the skin is smooth and radiant.

When the PRXT face protocol is for young skin with few imperfections, the attack treatment session is enough.

When there are imperfections or slackening of the skin, it is advisable to also do maintenance sessions which are shorter sessions with application of PRXT-33 by topical massages alone. These sessions will optimize the result obtained with the attack treatment.

In case of micro-scars, it is advisable to combine microneedling.

In case of spots or acne lesions, it is advisable to combine peels adapted to each skin, which will be done alternately with PRXT-33.

It is then a truly tailor-made treatment for your face.

What is the cost of PRX treatment?

The price of the PRXT Médicis Signature facial protocol treatment is €480.

PRX T33 Price in Paris

Medical interventionPrice
PRX-T33 treatment480 €


Is prx-T33 dangerous?

Si il est réalisé correctement en milieu médical et sous la surveillance d’un médecin, un soin PRX-T33 n’est pas dangereux. Les suites sont simples et vous pouvez reprendre vos activités immédiatement.


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