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Dr Abbou and Dr Pessis


Doctor Ralph ABBOU

Dr ABBOU is an aesthetic plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor in Paris.
Dr ABBOU specializes in facelift and rhinoplasty
He was trained in the best surgical departments, he is a Former Specialist Assistant at the Hospitals of Paris.
He masters the most innovative and reliable aesthetic surgical and medical intervention techniques.
Dr ABBOU is registered with the National Council of the Order of Physicians
under the number 75/85230.

Doctor Rachel PESSIS

Dr PESSIS is an aesthetic plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor in Paris.
Dr PESSIS specializes in breast and body surgery.
She was trained in the best departments of aesthetic and plastic surgery
and Former Head of Clinic Assistant of the Hospitals of Paris.
She can accompany you throughout your medical and surgical project in order
to obtain a natural and harmonious result.
Dr PESSIS is registered with the National Council of the Order of Physicians
under number 75/81204.

Prices of plastic surgery and non surgical aesthetic medicine procedures in paris

Clinique chirurgie esthétique paris

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Hello, is there an email or WhatsApp please? What I need help with is too difficult to explain over the phone.

Dr Abbou

Hello, you can contact us on whatsapp 00 33 7 56 86 66 55
Best regards


I im interesting about reduction lip for me . Please talk with me in whatssup


hello, do you do prophilo for the face?
thank you

Dr Abbou

yes we do prophilo for the face
Best regards,


Im a 22 year old Norwegian student.
I have always had high temples and had a hairtransplant a couple of years ago.
I didn’t like The finish. Looks kinda strange so i removed them by shaving.
I was wondering if it is possible to lower the temple area?

Dr Abbou

Hello Dr Abbou needs to examinate you in medical consultation to see how to improve your hairline and temple area implantation
Best regards,


Can I get a quote price on the rhinoplasty procedure also the Abdominal Ecthing procedure,

I’m from Ireland, so will have to fly in then back out after both procedures are done,

Can send over pictures if needed

Dr Abbou

Hello here are prices for

Abdominal Etching : start at 8000 euros
Rhinoplasty : start at 6500 euros

You need to stay in Paris 15 days before flying back
Best regards


Je suis d’Inde.

Je sera à Paris pendant quelques months et j’ai pris rendez-vous au laser dans votre clinique le 17 février 2023

Je travel alot and I have taken alot of laser sessions in india, as well as other countries.

Je wish to take your package for 5 sessions but I don’t wish to pay for your consultation fee as I don’t need it. My body has been exposed to various laser machines and everything works perfectly. I do not want to pay the consultation fee unnecessarily.

Je veux juste payer pour le forfait de 5 sessions.


Dr Abbou

Hello, thank you for your inquiry about laser hair removal in Paris
No problem you can proceed directly with treatment for 5 sessions

Best regards,


Hi there,

My name is Y. I would love to book an appointment for eye bag removal surgery.

Dr Abbou

Hello, tou can book your appointment directly on website or call us 01 53 81 44 45
Best regards


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