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Cosmetic surgery of the buttocks

Buttock surgery is a cosmetic surgery of the silhouette and the body.

The main procedures in buttock surgery are :

Buttock augmentation by buttock lipofilling or brazilian butt lift which consists of fat injections into the buttocks

Buttock augmentation by buttock implants, which are silicone prostheses.

buttock lift to lift sagging buttocks and treat saddlebags

Hyacorp hyaluronic acid injections to increase the volume of the buttocks without surgery in cosmetic medicine.

The price of buttock surgery depends on the complexity of your case.

This information sheet was written by Dr. ABBOU Ralph who is a plastic surgeon in Paris.

Cosmetic surgery of the buttocks

Lipofilling fesses brazilian butt lif paris

Lipofilling of the buttocks

Fat injections in the buttocks after liposuction in the operating room

Hyacorp fesses paris

Buttocks augmentation by Hyacorp

Hyaluronic acid injections in the buttocks at the medical office

Lifting fesses paris

Buttocks lift

Treatment of sagging skin on the buttocks

Protheses fesses paris

Buttocks prosthesis

Buttock augmentation with silicone prostheses

Buttock surgery includes all cosmetic surgery procedures that can beautify the shape and volume of the buttocks and improve your figure.

  • Increase the volume of the buttocks and improve the camber
  • Reduce the volume of the buttocks
  • Lift the buttocks with a buttock lift
  • Treat saddlebags
  • Treating excess skin on the buttocks

Intimate cosmetic surgery is for all patients who wish to improve the appearance and aesthetics of their sexual organs or genitalia and enhance their sex life. Intimate cosmetic surgery concerns patients of all ages. For example, nymphoplasty and treatment of vaginal dryness can be performed on young patients.

Before the intervention

  • Two cosmetic surgery medical consultations to analyze your request and establish a treatment plan
  • Anesthesia consultation if surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Course of the intervention

Surgical procedures are performed in the operating room under local or general anesthesia. The patient is usually discharged the same day.

Aesthetic medicine procedures, which consist of hyaluronic acid injections, take place at the doctor’s office.

Post-operative care

After an intimate surgery, the recovery period is about 7 to 10 days with bruising and swelling. Sexual intercourse can be resumed 15 to 21 days after the procedure.

After aesthetic medicine injections, the recovery is very simple. Sexual intercourse can be resumed 5 to 10 days later.

The intimate surgery will have improved the size, length and volume of the sexual organs. Intimate surgery can also treat dryness and improve your sex life.

woman intimate surgery price

Medical interventionPrice
Treatment with DesirialFrom 600 €
Treatment with Desirial +.From 600 €
Medical interventionPrice
NymphoplastyFrom 1 500 €
Medical interventionPrice
Liposuction of the pubisFrom 1 500 €
Medical interventionPrice
Pubic LiftingFrom 2 000 €
Medical interventionPrice
HymenoplastyFrom 2 500 €

Nymphoplasty can be covered by social security.

This will be explained to you during your preoperative consultations by your plastic surgeon.

Intimate surgery for men price

Medical interventionPrice
Medical PenoplastyFrom 2000 €
Medical interventionPrice
Surgical penoplastyFrom 4 000 €
Medical interventionPrice
Treatment of premature ejaculationFrom 1 200 €
Medical interventionPrix
Testicular lift2 500 €


Is nymphoplasty covered by social security?

Yes, in certain cases, it is possible to request social security coverage for nymphoplasty.

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