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Non surgical penoplasty Paris ( Fillers ). Penis enhancement.

Medical penoplasty is an aesthetic non surgical procedure that allows to enlarge penis without surgery. It allows to increase the length and diameter of the penis without surgery thanks to fillers ( hyaluronic acid )

Non surgical penoplasty is performed at the doctor’s office and does not require anesthesia. Results are immediate and last for an average of 18 months

This information sheet was written in July 2020 and updated in December 2021 by Dr. Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon specialized in penoplasty in Paris.

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What is medical penoplasty?

Penoplasty by injection of hyaluronic acid or medical is a relatively recent non-surgical method in intimate surgery. It consists of injections of hyaluronic acid into the glans and the penis using a local anesthetic and a fine needle.

It allows to enlarge the length and the circumference (diameter) of the penis for an immediate, durable result and without the constraints of a cosmetic surgery.

What are the objectives of non-surgical penoplasty?

  • Aesthetic enlargement of the penis and glans and enlargement penoplasty.
  • Increase of female sexual pleasure: the stimulation of the vaginal walls is determined by the contact with the male member.
  • Treatment of premature ejaculation: the presence of hyaluronic acid creates a natural barrier between the external environment and the internal nerve endings. This treatment reduces the sensitivity of the glans. Thus the duration of sexual intercourse increases considerably.
  • Improvement of your sex life
  • Improvement of your self-confidence

Before and after photos of non surgical penoplasty in Paris

Who are the candidates for medical penoplasty ?

Medical penoplasty is for : 

  • For men regardless of the size of their penis. Their motivations can be: physical, or simply to satisfy a personal desire and improve their current state.
  • Sports patients very often request penoplasty in order to treat the locker room syndrome (size of the penis at rest considered insufficient)
  • For men suffering from premature ejaculation because penoplasty thickens the skin of the penis and reduces sensitivity.
  • Men who want to improve their sex life

How does medical penoplasty work ?

Before the intervention

  • Medical consultation for cosmetic surgery to understand your needs and to look for potential contraindications
  • Smoking cessation

Course of the intervention

The procedure takes an average of 45 minutes in the doctor’s office and the aftermath is simple. You can resume a normal activity the same day.

After applying an anesthetic cream, Dr. ABBOU injects hyaluronic acid over the entire penis and glans to obtain a homogeneous increase in length and diameter.

Post-operative care

Local treatments are prescribed and explained to you during your medical consultation. The treatments are very simple and can be done by yourself at home. Most patients can return to work the next day.

Price of medical penoplasty in Paris

Surgical interventionPrice
Medical penoplasty with hyaluronic acid injectionsFrom 2000 € 

The cost of medical penoplasty depends on the complexity of your case and the amount of hyaluronic acid needed.

Your plastic surgeon will advise you according to your particular case.

There is no social security coverage for this cosmetic surgery procedure.

FAQ: everything you need to know about medical penoplasty

Is medical penoplasty painful?

Generally, hyaluronic acid injections into the corpora cavernosa and the suspensory ligament of the penis do not require anesthesia because the products contain a local anesthetic.  To ensure optimal comfort, we apply a local anesthetic cream for 20 minutes to reduce discomfort to a minimum.

Is medical penoplasty safe?

We use only the best products from certified laboratories.

The hyaluronic acid used in medical penoplasty is a substance that is naturally present in the skin cells. The brands of dermal fillers we use are available in more than 90 countries. They have been used as an injectable cosmetic treatment for over two decades.

When to resume sexual activity after a medical penoplasty?

We advise you to resume sexual activity after a few days once any bruising and swelling has disappeared.

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