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The plastic surgeons

Dr ABBOU : plastic surgeon

Dr Ralph Abbou Chirurgien esthétique à Paris

Dr PESSIS : plastic surgeon

Dr Rachel Pessis chirurgienne esthétique à Paris

The team


Nurse and operating aid

I am Judith, a specialized operating room nurse (IBODE), I work with Dr Abbou and Dr Pessis on a daily basis.

What I particularly like about my job is being able to follow your entire journey from start to finish and being able to listen and advise.

Here are my roles:

  • First of all, welcome you to the operating room and reassure you
  • I will be present in the operating room throughout your intervention.
  • Help with your installation, hand the instruments to the surgeon
  • Assist him during his intervention.
  • I will also be by your side throughout the post-operative follow-up.
  • I will provide nursing care during this period, and will be there to answer all your questions.


Medical assistant in plastic surgery in Paris

I am Veronique, medical assistant to Dr Abbou and Dr Pessis. It is with pleasure that I accompany you as soon as you arrive at the practice and during the coordination of your intervention or your care, in an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality.

It is essential that you live this experience with serenity and I particularly appreciate this privileged relationship that is established as our exchanges progress.


Medical assistant in plastic surgery in Paris

I am Amélie, medical assistant to Dr Abbou and Dr Pessis and I welcome you every day to their cosmetic surgery practice in Paris.

I am your first contact and privileged interlocutor and I ensure the smooth administrative process as well as your care and your comfort. Your well-being is my top priority. In a positive mood, I am at your disposal and available to answer your questions, in order to guide you in your approach.

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Please I need your address in Paris and contact details. Thanks.

Dr Abbou

Hello our adress is : 16 rue Leonard de Vinci 75116 Paris
Telephone 0033 1 53 81 44 45
best regards



I tried your email address twice and it says mailer delivery failure. Could you kindly confirm your email please.

Dr Abbou

please can you send your email at : [email protected]

Best regards,


I wish I could find your email address!
I don’t see it anywhere

Dr Abbou

Hello our contact adress is : [email protected]

Best regards, Dr Abbou


Hi there,
I am looking to have a forehead reduction but I wonder how long the downtime is for someone is who is extremely active in sports especially during the summer. If I cover my the surgery up with a headband or a wig, can I start working out a week after the procedure has taken place?

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you.

Dr Abbou

Hello thank you for your inquiry about forehead reduction surgery in Paris
Downtime is one month before working out again

Best regards,


Hi there,
I live in the United States and would like to have the thread lift on my neck, jaw, cheeks and eyebrows.
I have had a brief email exchange (with photos) with Dr. Abbou in regards to having this procedure.

I would be much obliged if you could answer a few questions:
Can the threads be used for the MEDIAL brow?
When can I fly back to the United States after the procedure?
Is there any dimpling or dents immediately following the thread lift?
If so, How long are they visible?
How long do the results last?
What is the cost of procedure?
How do I go out making a telehealth/virtual appointment with Dr. Abbou?
When is your office available to book the procedure after approved by Dr. Abbou?

Have a Wonderful Day!!
Thank you,

Dr Abbou

Threads are not the best option for medial brow
You can fly back to the US 10 days after procedure
Dimplings lasts for 10-15 days after procedure
Results lasts about 5 years
Cost of procedure : between 5000 and 8000 euros depending of number of threads
availabilities in one month

We don t do virtual consultations
you can send your photos for advice
Best regards


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