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Skin cancer screening. Fotofinder Paris. Skin cancer and moles. Dermatological surgery

Skin cancer screening is possible thanks to  ATBM Master Fotofinder : it detects common skin cancer early thanks to a unique system of dermoscopy assisted by artificial intelligence.

Fotofinder analyses lesions with a diameter greater or equal to 5 millimeters

This automated medical examination performed in the doctor’s office allows to :

  • Check your skin
  • Early detection of skin cancer
  • map all the skin lesions exposed to the sun on every parts of the body
  • detect the lesions at risk thanks to an analysis of each lesion by artificial intelligence.

If the risk score is high, a biopsy will be proposed as well as a surgical treatment if necessary.

Dr Abbou and Dr Pessis practice all acts of dermatological surgery.

This medical information sheet was written in July 2022 by Dr Ralph ABBOU and Dr Rachel PESSIS.  They are plastic and aesthetic surgeons in Paris.

Dr. ABBOU and Dr. PESSIS regularly practice dermatological surgery, both in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

For any inquiry please send us an email : [email protected] or telephone +33 1 53 81 44 45

What is fotofinder ?


The Fotofinder is an automated dermoscopy device combined with artificial intelligence-assisted analysis. The Fotofinder allows the detection of skin lesions and skin growths to find skin cancer for lesions with a diameter greater or equal to 5 millimeters

We take standardized images of skin cells lesions which are analyzed by the machine. ( caméra vidéo full hd medicam 1000s )

The Fotofinder bodystudio atbm then establishes a risk score between 0 and 1 for each lesion detected.

According to the result and the clinical aspect of your lesions we will advise you:

  • Simple monitoring
  • Biopsy in case of diagnostic doubt
  • Surgical removal in case of highly suspicious lesion

We collaborate with dermatologists, radiologists and oncologists to discuss each patient’s case.

What are the objectives of the fotofinder?

  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Detection of sign of skin cancer
  • Skin exam
  • Suspicious spots detection
  • Screening for skin cancers all over the body in one exam
  • Follow-up and monitoring of your lesions year after year
  • Assistance in medical and surgical diagnosis

Who is the Fotofinder ATBM exam for?

Fotofinder skin screening concerns all patients who have moles and risk factors

How does your Foto finder review work?

  • Automated photo taking by the machine
  • Analysis and calculation of AI (artificial intelligence) score for each lesion detected
  • Medical consultation for the interpretation of the results

Skin cancer screening price Fotofinder

 médical examinationPrice
Fotofinder exam price200  €

FAQ Fotofinder : Questions most often asked by patients

What are the different types of skin cancer for common types of skin and skin tones ?

Skin cancer include :

  • Basal cell skin cancers
  • Squamous cell skin cancers
  • Melanoma skin cancer
  • Merkel cell carcinoma
  • Kaposi sarcoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma bcc
  • Squamous cell carcinoma scc
  • Squamous cell skin cancers
  • Actinic Keratosis

Who is at risk for skin cancer ?

  • Light skin type that reacts sensitively to the sun
  • Presence of melanin spots
  • Presence of atypical melanic spots or spots that have recently evolved
  • Sunburns as a child or teenager
  • Sun exposed areas
  • Skin cancer in your family
  • Have you ever had skin cancer yourself?
  • Regular exposure to strong sunlight

How to identify and monitor your moles in Paris ?

Thanks to artificial intelligence-assisted dermoscopy, the Fotofinder helps diagnose skin cancer and prevent spread to other parts and provides precise follow-up year after year.

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