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Hymenoplasty in Paris

Hymenoplasty is an intimate surgery for women that allows the reconstruction of the hymen through a plastic surgery and repair technique.

The hymen is a thin membrane that is located at the entrance of the vagina in patients who are virgins or have never had sexual intercourse.

Hymenoplasty or hymen repair is an operation that is performed under local anesthesia. No scar is visible. The result is natural.

The procedure consists of a reconstruction of the hymen to regain her virginity by small stitches. The desired result is a bleeding during sexual intercourse.

The hymenoplasty is performed in a cosmetic clinic. The exit takes place the same day. Healing lasts about ten days.

Post-operative follow-up is simple and the risks of complications are rare.

Hymenoplasty is not covered by social security.

This information and medical news sheet was updated in June 2021 by Dr ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris. Dr. ABBOU and Dr. PESSIS are specialized in cosmetic surgery and regularly perform intimate surgery as well as reconstructive surgery.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that allows the reconstruction of the hymen.

The hymen is a thin membrane with a hole at the entrance of the woman’s vagina.

Often it will be the bleeding after sexual intercourse on the wedding night that will be sought after this procedure.

The existing hymen remnants are used to reconstitute the hymen positioned at the entrance of the vagina.

The scars are perfectly invisible one month after this procedure and the reconstructed hymen looks like a non-operated hymen without any visible trace.

The procedure is undetectable if you do not mention it.

What are the objectives of hymenoplasty ?

The motivations of patients who consult for hymenoplasty are usually religious.

Goals of hymenoplasty:

  • Reconstructing the hymen or hymenal membrane
  • Regain your virginity
  • Bleeding during first sexual intercourse

Who should undergo hymen reconstruction ?

Patients who come to us for hymenoplasty often do so for cultural or religious reasons.

This procedure reconstructs the hymen. This is the thin membrane that covers the vaginal entrance in a young virgin woman.

The plastic surgeon repairs the edges of the torn hymen. During sexual intercourse, the reconstructed membrane tears and bleeds. 

It is possible to combine rejuvenation of the vagina and vulva in the same operation: lipofilling of the labia majora and vagina (vaginoplasty), nymphoplasty and reduction of the clitoral hood, vaginal mesotherapy. 

What is the procedure?


  • Medical consultation with Doctor ABBOU or Doctor PESSIS who will provide you with all the necessary information.
  • Consultation with the anesthesiologist if the operation is performed under general anesthesia or sedation.
  • Preoperative blood test
  • Stop smoking


The hymenoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia.

The choice is made in consultation between you and the plastic surgeon.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts about 30 minutes.

The suites

Minimal bleeding lasts 2 to 3 days. The postoperative period is generally not very painful, requiring only simple painkillers. 

It is recommended to wear loose clothing (skirt or loose pants).

The sutures will normally disappear in eight to twelve days.

It is advisable to wait three to four weeks before resuming sexual activity. 

It is recommended to wait one to two months before resuming an activity such as horseback riding or cycling.

Price of hymenoplasty in Paris

Surgical interventionPrice
HymenoplastyFrom  3 000 € 


The cost of hymenoplasty depends on the type of anesthesia and the type of hospitalization chosen in the clinic.

This procedure is not covered by health insurance.


Is hymenoplasty painful?

Not really, it’s more of a feeling of tension for a few days and we prescribe painkillers to relieve you effectively.

How to recover your virginity?

The solution to regain virginity is to have hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenoplasty.

How is a Hymenoplasty performed?

A hymenoplasty takes place in the operating room under local or general anesthesia and lasts 1 hour on average. The patient is discharged the same day and the postoperative follow-up is simple.

When to have a Hymenoplasty ?

The hymenoplasty must be performed one month before resuming sexual relations so that healing can take place.

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I’m looking to get a hymenoplasty, I’m from outside of France. And would like to know how can I start this procedure. I’m in the UK so I can come for a few days fo get the surgery.

Can you give me more details about the clinic and when’s the closest possible date.


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