The facelift

All liftings of the body

What is a lifting?

The lifting is a technique of aesthetic and plastic surgery that can achieve a rejuvenation of a specific area. The lifting is also called rhytidectomy or ridectomy or smoothing or remodeling. The lifting is intended to correct the sagging of the skin usually due to age. The technique consists of taking off the skin and then retightening it.

The lifting can also correct excess skin secondary to aging skin (face lift or breast lift) or secondary to a significant weight change (lift of the belly, arms and thighs).

Why do you need a lift? The causes of the sagging of the skin in the different parts of the body are due to the gravity but also to intrinsic factors (resistance of the elastic fibers of the skin) and extrinsic (exposure to pollution factors, tobacco, sun).

Recent analysis of the mechanisms of aging shows that all structures are concerned: bone melting, fatty melt, displacement of fibrous and muscular structures, uneven storage of fatty tissue. This aging mechanism is the same in all parts of the body. There are several types of facelifts:

Facelifts : before and after

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