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Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Paris

Plastic and aesthetic surgery is a medical and surgical specialty that aims to beautify and rejuvenate the face and body in cosmetic surgery and to repair or reconstruct an area of your body after trauma or disease.

Doctor Ralph ABBOU and Doctor Rachel PESSIS are two surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery in Paris. They hold the official French diploma in Cosmetic Surgery: the DCSS (diploma of complementary specialized studies in Plastic Surgery).

Rhinoplastie paris


Dr Ralph ABBOU specializes in rhinoplasty and performs all nose surgery operations: ultrasonic rhinoplasty, medical rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty...

Forehead reduction

Forehead reduction also called hairline lowering reduces the height of the forehead and lowers the hairline

chirurgie des cheveux paris

Hair transplant

The treatment of hair loss and baldness is based on hair transplants, hair mesotherapy, reduction of the forehead or lowering of the frontal line with specificities in men and women.

Augmentation mammaire Paris

Breast surgery

How to increase, reduce or rejuvenate the chest? Breast interventions are adapted to each patient in order to harmonize the volume and shape of the breasts with the rest of your body and your silhouette.

Chirurgie du corps paris


Dr Ralph ABBOU and Dr Rachel PESSIS are specialized in liposuction and practice all types of liposuction: vaser liposuction, high definition liposuction, 4D liposuction


Tummy tuck treats fat ans skin excess on the stomach after weght gain, weight loss or pregnancy

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