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Liposuction of the arms to eliminate excess fat

Liposuction of the arms is a very common cosmetic surgery procedure of the arms that allows to permanently treat excess fat in the arms.

Arm liposuction is indicated when there is no excess skin on the arms and the skin is elastic. If there is excess skin, only an arm lift can improve the appearance of your arms.

This information sheet was written in December 2021 by Dr ABBOU and Dr PESSIS who are plastic surgeons in Paris.

Before and after photos of arm liposuction in Paris

What is liposuction of the arms ?

The principle of liposuction of the arms is to refine the arms by removing the fatty masses of the arms. This can be either excess fat in the case of overweight, or excess fat localized to the arms.

What are the objectives of arm liposuction?

  • Slimming the arms
  • Reduce the volume of the arms
  • Treat excess arm fat

Who is it for?

Arm liposuction is for people who complain of having overly large arms. This is often a source of a major complex, and these people no longer dare to wear short sleeves or a bathing suit.

Arm liposuction is intended for patients who have excess fat but no excess skin. This means that they do not have sagging skin.

Indeed, liposuction is only effective when the quality of the skin is satisfactory.

If you have sagging skin on your arms, you should consider an arm lift.

What is arm liposuction ?

Before the intervention

  • Two cosmetic surgery medical consultations to analyze your figure and define the strategy adapted to your case.
  • Anesthesia consultation if the procedure is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Smoking cessation

Course of the liposuction

Liposuction of the arms is performed in the operating room, under local or general anesthesia, depending on your choice and the amount of fat to be removed.

It is an outpatient procedure (no hospitalization required).

  • Your plastic surgeon will infiltrate the areas of the body to be treated with an adrenaline solution to reduce bleeding.
  • Then liposuction is performed using fine cannulas (microcannulas), which allow for gentle and even liposuction of the arm.
  • Finally, the muscular relief of the arm is defined.

Post-operative care

  • The post-operative period is not painful.
  • The activities of daily life can be resumed within a few days.
  • Bruises are visible for 15 days after the operation.
  • Wearing a support garment is recommended for one month.
  • After two months, one begins to have a good appreciation of the result which continues to improve very gradually.
  • The final results are visible 6 to 12 months after the operation.

Arm liposuction price Paris

From 4 200 €.

There is no social security coverage for liposuction of the arms.


Is liposuction of the arms painful ?

No, the pain after liposuction of the arms is moderate and resembles aches and pains. The pain lasts a few days and is calmed by the prescribed painkillers.

What care after liposuction of the arms?

Care after liposuction is very simple. Simply disinfect the small scars once a day for a week and wear your compression garment.

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