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Back liposuction Paris

Back liposuction is one of the most commonly used techniques in plastic and cosmetic back surgery.

Back liposuction allows for the removal of back fat and the permanent treatment of excess back fat, especially the folds around the bra.

It can also treat love handles that you are unable to lose despite a suitable diet and regular exercise.

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia or sedation and can be performed on an outpatient basis with a same-day discharge.

This information sheet was written in June 2021 by Dr. ABBOU and Dr. PESSIS who are cosmetic surgeons in Paris. Dr. ABBOU and Dr. PESSIS are specialized in cosmetic surgery and regularly perform cosmetic back surgery.

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Before and after photos of back liposuction in Paris

What is back liposuction ?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that allows you to improve your figure by reducing the excess of localized fat in the back. These excess fats are very difficult to lose despite a proper diet and regular exercise.

What are the objectives of back liposuction ?

The goals of back liposuction:

  • Permanent treatment of excess back fat in men and women
  • Permanent treatment of back fat
  • Reduction of waist and back circumference
  • Make dressing easier and get rid of the bulges around the bra strap
  • Remove love handles
  • Improve your figure
  • Obtain visible and lasting results

Who is it for ?

Back liposuction is for patients who :

  • Have folds or bulges in the back and hips related only to excess fat, without excess skin.
  • Have back bulges above and below the bra
  • Are unable to lose weight despite a balanced diet and exercise.
  • Patients who have already tried Cryolipolysis without satisfactory results

Course of the liposuction of the back

What is the procedure?

Before the intervention

In a medical consultation, your plastic surgeon will advise you on the technique that is best suited to your case in order to lose back fat.

The therapeutic choice will be made according to the presence or not of :

  • a large back bulge
  • an excess of skin
  • The presence or not of fat on other areas of the body.

Anesthesia consultation before your surgery

Pre-operative blood test

Course of the liposuction

The operation takes place in the operating room of a clinic. Liposuction of the back can be performed under local anesthesia if the amount of fat to be removed is moderate (about 1 liter of fat).  If you have a significant amount of excess fat on your back, the procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. The duration of back liposuction is from 1 to 3 hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed. The patient is usually discharged the same day.

As always in liposuction, the scars are not very visible and the aftermath is light.

Your plastic surgeon can perform liposuction of the stomach, buttocks and saddlebags in the same operation time.

If you have significant excess skin, liposuction of the back will not be sufficient and your plastic surgeon will suggest a back lift to treat the area satisfactorily.

Post-operative care

The result of the procedure can be appreciated after several weeks and is stable three months after the liposuction, once the swelling and bruising have disappeared.

It is necessary to wear a support garment for one month in the area of liposuction to facilitate the postoperative follow-up (less edema and postoperative swelling). The pain is quite bearable. This operation does not hurt very much.

It is necessary to take a few days of rest: one week is the ideal time before resuming your activities.

Back liposuction price in Paris

Surgical interventionPrice
Back liposuction From  4200 €

The price depends on the complexity of your case and the foreseeable duration of the operation


Does liposuction of the back hurt?

The pain is moderate and feels like aches and pains for a few days. The pain is soothed by the anti-pain medication we prescribe.

How much does liposuction cost?

The price of liposuction of the back and love handles depends on the technical difficulty, the operating time and the amount of fat to be removed. The price of liposuction starts at 3200 euros.

How to dress after liposuction?

After your liposuction, you will need to wear a support garment for one month. This support garment will help reduce postoperative swelling, decrease pain and ensure a simpler surgical follow-up and a better final result.

How to sleep after liposuction?

After liposuction, you can sleep normally in the position most comfortable for you.

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