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Reduction of the curved, protruding or over-projected chin and jawline

Chin reduction is a very common procedure in cosmetic chin surgery. The reduction genioplasty allows a better harmony between the chin and the rest of the face and thus improves the profile. The procedure does not affect the dental articulation or the cheeks. It is possible to reduce the width and thickness of the jaw in the same operation to obtain a less square face.

This information sheet was written in July 2020 by Dr. ABBOU Ralph who is a plastic surgeon in Paris.

What is a chin reduction ?

The reduction of the chin in front of the face or the chin in the shape of a galoche thanks to a reduction genioplasty allows to reduce the projection of your chin. Along with the cheekbones, the chin plays an important role in defining the V-shape of the face. Some people have an excessively long or wide chin or a chin that protrudes from their face.

What are the objectives of chin and jaw reduction?

Reduction genioplasty can :

  • Provide an effective solution to improve facial definition and contours
  • Reduce a chin that is too prominent, thus offering a more balanced appearance.
  • Reduce chin projection to correct the position and size of the chin.
  • Reduce the width and thickness of the jaw to treat square faces
  • refine the lower fac

Who is it for?

Candidates for chin reduction:

  • People with an excessively protruding or bulky chin that usually protrudes further than the tip of the nose.
  • People who complain of a too square jaw and who wish to reduce the width of the lower face.

What are the dangers?

The dangers of chin reduction are rare but should be mentioned:

  • Bleeding during the procedure that can lead to a hematoma
  • infection
  • Loss of sensitivity of the chin

What is the procedure?

Before the reduction

  • Your plastic surgeon will help you define the ideal position of your chin using your profile photo and computer morphing during your pre-operative medical consultation.
  • Anesthesia consultation
  • Preoperative blood test

Course of the intervention

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. It normally takes between one and one and a half hours depending on the complexity of the surgery.  The surgeon makes an incision in the mouth in the lower gum line and reshapes the chin bone by milling it. A garment or facial support bandage will be placed over the chin and jaw at the end of the surgery to help control postoperative swelling.

Post-operative care

This procedure leaves no external scar and the results are very satisfactory. The procedure can be done on an outpatient basis with discharge the same day or in a traditional hospital and discharge the next day.

It is recommended to eat cold and liquid food during 48 hours, the time of healing inside the mouth.

The results of the chin reduction can be appreciated from one month after the operation.

Chin reduction is usually performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty or liposuction of the neck to create a permanent and complete V-shaped face.

What are the prices ?

Surgical operationPrice
Chin reductionFrom 4000 euros

The questions most often asked by patients

How to move your chin back?

There are several surgical techniques to recede the chin:

  • Reduction genioplasty
  • Impaction osteotomy in maxillofacial surgery
  • Soft tissue reduction of the chin (fat)

What is a receding chin?

A receding chin is a chin with a weak projection, i.e. it is set back from the rest of the face and gives the impression of a small chin.

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