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Testicular lift

Testicular or scrotal lifting is a common male intimate surgery procedure that lifts the testicles and rejuvenates them.

The skin of the testicles can be exaggeratedly distended in some men regardless of their age. This condition is common in the population.

The relaxation of the testicles causes aesthetic and functional discomfort in the genitals with a sensation of wetness and maceration in the underwear.

This information sheet was written in July 2020 by Dr ABBOU Ralph who is a plastic surgeon in Paris.

What is a testicular lift?

The testicle lift or scrotal lift is a surgical procedure that reduces the scrotal sac at the level of the testicular bursa in order to raise and rejuvenate the testicles.

What are the objectives?

  • Removing drooping testicles
  • Treat excess skin on the testicles
  • Rejuvenate the testicles

Who is it for?

Testicular lift is for men of all ages who have drooping testicles with excess testicular skin.

What is the procedure?

Before the operation

  • Medical consultation for cosmetic surgery
  • Anesthesia consultation if general anesthesia
  • Pre-operative check-up
  • Smoking cessation

Course of the intervention

This reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia in the operating room.

The testicular lift consists of lifting the testicles and treating the excess skin of the scrotum. The scrotal reshaping takes an average of 45 minutes.

Some cosmetic surgeons use the transverse incision to correct scrotal sagging.  I prefer not to use this approach because it can create an unnatural looking scar at the base.

 I prefer to place a scar along the raphe or along the longitudinal light line between the testicles. This reduces the excess skin envelope with a nearly invisible scar.


The postoperative course is relatively simple and will be explained to you during your consultation

The convalescence is not very painful:

  • First of all, local care will be prescribed (washing and disinfection)
  • Anti-pain treatment
  • Loose-fitting clothing for 5 days
  • Finally, sexual relations will be resumed after 15 days

Testicular lifting price in Paris

This procedure is not covered by social security.

Testicular lift

From 2500 €


Is the testicle lift painful?

No, not really, it is more of a feeling of tightness of the testicles for a few days. Testicular pain is effectively soothed by painkillers.

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