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Lipofilling and fat injection

Lipofilling or autologous fat injection is a surgical technique of plastic and aesthetic surgery that aims to remove fat by liposuction from certain areas of your body (donor areas) and to inject it into recipient areas. Its goals are to improve the donor and recipient areas in a single procedure. Indeed, liposuction makes it possible to refine the donor area (for example the stomach or the love handles) and lipofilling makes it possible to increase the volume and embellish the breasts or the buttocks for example.

Its price depends on the complexity of your case, the length of the operation and the quantity of fat to be injected. It is not covered by social security except in the case of breast reconstruction after cancer.

This information sheet was written in July 2020 by Doctor ABBOU and Doctor PESSIS who are plastic surgeons in Paris.

Cosmetic surgery of the buttocks

Lipofilling fesses brazilian butt lif paris

Lipofilling of the buttocks

The lipofilling of the buttocks allows to increase their volume thanks to fat injections.

lifting mammaire ou cure de ptose mammaire

Lipomodelling of the breasts

Breast lipofilling makes it possible to increase the volume of the breasts or to restore the volume of the breasts without breast prostheses or breast implants.

Peeling du visage

Lipofilling of dark circles and the face

To restore volumes that have diminished due to natural aging of the face, one can resort to lipofilling of dark circles and face.

What is lipofilling ?

Lipomodelling consists of taking your fat and reinjecting it after having filtered and treated it. The goal is to perform a fat cell transplant and your stem cells by fat injection

Why resort to lipofilling?

  • increase the volume of the treated area
  • restore volume to the treated area
  • improve trophicity, i.e. the quality of the skin.
  • Treatment of certain wrinkles or furrows, especially on the face without foreign bodies.
  • Complementary to facelifts to restore volume.
  • Correction of defects after liposuction.
  • Remodeling of the silhouette: refining certain areas, increasing others.
  • Breast augmentation without implants or foreign bodies.
  • Buttock augmentation without implants in the buttocks.

Who is it for ?

Lipofilling is intended for patients who wish to increase the volume of one or more areas of their body without the use of prostheses: for example breast or buttock augmentation without implants.

What is the operating procedure in our Paris office ?

Before the operation

  • medical consultation for cosmetic surgery
  • anesthesia consultation if general anesthesia
  • Mandatory smoking cessation
  • Pre-operative check-up

Course of the intervention

Lipofilling takes place in the operating room of a clinic.

For facial procedures (e.g. upper lip), lipostructure is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. Lipostructure of the lips makes it possible to increase the volume of the lips in a permanent way and to do without hyaluronic acid injections.

For breast and buttock procedures, general anesthesia is required.

Each surgeon who removes fat uses a particular technique that he or she adapts to your case to obtain the best results:

After liposuctioning the fat, the plastic surgeon proceeds to a decantation or centrifugation to filter and separate the intact fat cells. Small particles of fat are then injected in different directions and planes.

lipofilling paris

The grafted cells will remain within the body, which makes the lipostructure technique a permanent and natural one.

The duration of the procedure depends on the quantity of fat to be reinjected and the number of areas to be treated. On average, it takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

Post-operative care

After the operation, the pain is generally not significant.

Bruises and swelling appear in the first few hours. They disappear within 10 to 20 days after the operation.

The final result is obtained within 3 to 6 months after the procedure.

This technique of cosmetic surgery will allow you to obtain the desired result without implants or foreign bodies. The results are not very sensitive to weight variations.

In addition, an improvement in skin trophicity (texture, suppleness, elasticity, hydration) is noted in the treated areas. This is due to the stem cells contained in the fat.

How much does lipofilling cost in Paris?

From 3000 € for facial lipofilling

breast lipomodelling : from 6000 € onwards

Buttock lipomodelling: from 6000 €.

The price depends :

  • the complexity of your case
  • the duration of the operation
  • the type of anesthesia (local or general)
  • the type of accommodation (outpatient or inpatient)

What is the definition of microlipofilling and nanofat?

  • Microlipofilling allows the treatment of precise and delimited areas (lips, cheeks, face)
  • Nanofat improves the quality and trophicity of the skin by injections of very finely filtered fat. Nanofat is very rich in growth factors and stem cells.

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