Chemical peel

Improve your skin and clear the spots with the chemical peeling

Chemical peeling

Face peeling : before and after

Face peeling : before and after

Peeling du visage : avant et après

Face peeling : before and after


Chemical peeling : définition

What are the goals of  peelings?

Medium or deep peels, on the other hand, produce a real abrasion which can destroy the epidermis and the superficial part of the dermis, the papillary dermis: it is a controlled chemical burn.  This control is done, by your surgeon, thanks to the choice of the type of peeling, its concentration or its duration of application. It is a function of the importance of the defect to correct, the area to be treated, the quality of the skin and the purpose. Then this destroyed epidermal or dermoepidermal layer will be restored thanks to the natural healing phenomena from the elements of the dermoepidermal basement membrane and the pilosebaceous appendages: this implies a healing time where the skin remains fragile and requires attentive care. The purpose of the consultation is to evaluate the request, to specify the indication, to inform the patient of what can be treated and what will not be treated and to explain all the facts relating to this type of intervention.

The wishes must be realistic and consistent with the possibilities of treatment. The purpose of these peels is to provide a greater or lesser improvement so that the result obtained is satisfactory. The light and superficial peels performing only a simple exfoliation, the following are simple marked by a redness and epidermal fragility. Protection advice, especially solar, and hygiene are paramount. The application of suitable protective creams leads the suites. Medium or deep peels, on the other hand, produce a controlled chemical burn which destroys the epidermis and the superficial part of the dermis. Immediately after the treatment, the dermis is exposed, resulting in redness, edema and following. It is this restoration of the skin surface that will be done with a smoother appearance, erasing more or less imperfections that we want to treat.

The skin can be uncomfortable, dry, fragile, irritable, intolerant to the usual beauty products for several weeks. 


Improve skin quality with chemical peeling

The chemical peel can be combined with other aesthetic medicine techniques such as hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin or botox injections, mesotherapy … etc. To improve the texture of the skin, there are gels, creams, RETIN-A lotions and products containing glycolic acid to be used according to a plan prescribed by your surgeon. Chemical peels of varying intensity can be applied in a medical center. A chemical solution is applied on the entire face or on specific areas such as the perimeter of the mouth, to flake out the superficial layers of the skin. Light peels are very popular. For carefully selected patients, several light peels often give similar results to a deeper peel with less risk and faster healing.

Around the mouth embellishment thanks to chemical peeling

Treatment of severe acne scars

A deeper chemical peel or dermabrasion (performed with a rotating motor) may be desirable in the presence of severe sun damage or deeper wrinkles. Dermabrasion, which is a technique of plastic and cosmetic surgery can be used to improve severe acne scars. A few days after a deep chemical peel or a dermabrasion a new skin is formed, shiny, pink giving the appearance of intense sunburn. This color that will improve for several months can be camouflaged by makeup. Suites and results of the peeling After a postoperative swelling variable depending on the depth of the chemical peel, from a few days to a few weeks, your skin will remain sensitive. Your plastic surgeon will urge you to avoid exposure to the sun for the first few weeks and ask you to use a full screen cream to get out. You can use cosmetics and resume normal activity after a few weeks. After a deep chemical peel or dermabrasion, your skin will look firmer.

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