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Buttock implants to increase the volume of the buttocks

Buttock implants are a cosmetic surgery procedure that increases the volume of the buttocks.

For several years now, patient demand for buttock implants has increased significantly. Indeed, the trends and beauty criteria from Latin America have gradually imposed themselves in Europe.

This information sheet was written by Dr. Ralph ABBOU and Dr. Rachel PESSIS who are plastic surgeons in Paris. Dr. ABBOU and Dr. PESSIS are specialized in aesthetic surgery of the body and silhouette and regularly perform surgery and buttock implants.

Before and after photos of buttocks in Paris

What are buttock implants?

Buttock prostheses are very cohesive silicone gel prostheses (therefore firm) whose polymerized silicone envelope is very strong, they are specially designed for buttock augmentation.

What are the objectives of buttock implants?

  • Increase the volume of the buttocks
  • Improve your figure
  • Treat sagging buttocks and excess skin on the buttocks

Who can benefit from buttock prostheses?

For all those who are looking to improve their figure by adding volume to their buttocks but who do not have enough fat to harvest for buttock lipofilling (re-injection of your fat)

Buttock implants may be indicated for any patient who wishes to increase the volume of her buttocks, whether they are flat and/or sagging.

How is the installation of buttocks prostheses carried out?

Before the intervention

Consultation with your plastic surgeon and clinical examination. Choice of the surgical technique according to your morphology and your needs. Choice of the volume and shape of the buttocks prostheses.

Course of the operation

Buttock surgery is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the technique used and if combined with other surgical procedures, the surgery takes an average of two hours. Although this surgery is relatively simple, there are many options to customize it to your buttock anatomy and aesthetic goals. You will stay overnight at the clinic and be discharged the next day.

Post-operative care

You can expect some bruising and swelling after your procedure. It may also be uncomfortable to sit after buttock implants.

You should use a pillow when sitting for the first two weeks of recovery. Any discomfort can be managed with pain medication. Most patients can return to work two to three weeks after surgery. Patients should also wear a compression garment for two to three weeks.

You should be able to see a noticeable improvement in the size and shape of your buttocks immediately after surgery. However, it takes three to four months for the swelling to disappear and reveal the final results.

Price of buttocks prostheses in Paris

Surgical procedurePrice
Buttocks prosthesis From 6 000 €

The price may vary depending on the complexity of your case and the need to perform liposuction or buttock lipofilling in the same operation.


Is gluteoplasty or buttock prosthesis surgery painful?

The surgery is moderately painful. You will be able to resume your activities after one to two weeks. You will be able to resume sports about 6 weeks after the surgery.

How long do buttock implants last?

Buttock implants last between 10 and 15 years.
Changing buttock implants is a simpler procedure than the initial installation.

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