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Correction of invaginated or umbilicated nipples

Here is a technical sheet to understand everything about the treatment of umbilicated or invaginated nipples.

The nipple (or nipple) is the relief that centers the areola. In the same way that the areola is more or less colored or larger or smaller depending on the woman, the nipple is more or less colored, larger or smaller or more or less protruding. The nipple is an erectile zone that can be stimulated by sexual arousal, cold, or breastfeeding. In some women, the nipple is very small, and partially or even completely retracted. These are called umbilicated or invaginated nipples.

This page of medical information was written by Dr Rachel PESSIS who is a plastic surgeon specialized in breast surgery in Paris.

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What is the treatment of umbilical nipples?

The nipple is the central area of the breast from which the milk ducts emerge. These ducts start from the depth of the mammary gland and all come together in a bundle at the nipple to allow milk to flow out. The invaginated nipple is often due to two components:

  • The small size of the nipple itself, which reduces its relief
  • Very short milk ducts that “draw” the nipple inward and are not long enough to let the nipple out properly.

The purpose of this aesthetic breast surgery is purely morphological and aesthetic. It does not affect the possibility of breastfeeding.

The operation does not change the size of the nipple: a small nipple will remain small. On the other hand, it does allow for the exteriorization of a buried nipple and the restoration of a relief and harmony to the areola and breast.

Before undergoing surgery, two medical consultations are required as well as a mammogram and or ultrasound.

The invaginated nipple procedure is performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation, or under general anesthesia depending on the patient’s wishes. It does not require hospitalization.

The postoperative period is very simple with a dressing to be renewed every day. It is best to avoid wearing a bra that is too tight for 15 days. As the sutures are made with absorbable thread, there is no stitch to remove.

What are the goals of invaginated nipple treatment?

Patients undergo umbilical nipple surgery to highlight umbilical or invaginated nipples or to improve breast aesthetics.

Who is the treatment for?

The treatment of umbilicated nipples is intended for patients who have umbilicated or invaginated nipples, i.e. nipples that are not externalized or not sufficiently externalized and who are bothered by this inverted aspect of the nipple.

What is the price of an umbilical nipple operation?

Surgical procedurePrice
Treatment of umbilical nipples

From 2 000 €


Why do I have tucked-in nipples?

This is because the milk ducts that connect the surface of the nipple to the deep mammary gland are too short.

What is an inverted nipple?

It is the same as umbilicated or invaginated nipples

How to lengthen the nipples?

Grâce à la chirurgie esthétique des seins, il est possible d’allonger les mamelons ombiliqués ou invaginés.


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