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Cosmetic surgery of the cheeks

Cheek surgery is a part of facial cosmetic surgery and can improve the appearance of the central area of the face through cosmetic medicine or cosmetic surgery. In some cases, your cosmetic surgeon will suggest reducing the volume of the cheeks through liposuction of the cheeks or the removal of Bichat’s balls in order to hollow out the cheeks.

In other cases, if there is a lack of volume in the cheeks, your plastic surgeon may suggest hyaluronic acid injections or lipofilling (reinjection of your own fat) or the placement of cheek implants.

This information sheet was written by Dr ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris.

Our cheek surgery procedures

Liposuccion joues paris

Cheek Lipofilling

Cheek lipofilling is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves injecting your fat into the cheeks to restore cheek volume and rejuvenate the central part of the face.

Enhance and increase the cheekbones by injection

Cheekbone augmentation by injections is an aesthetic medicine technique that consists of increasing the volume of the cheekbones to make them prominent thanks to hyaluronic acid injections.

Rajeunir joues sans chirurgie

Rejuvenate your cheeks without surgery

Non-surgical cheek rejuvenation is an aesthetic medicine technique that treats cheek wrinkles and volume loss with hyaluronic acid and botox injections.

Affiner joues paris

Refining the cheeks

It is possible to refine the cheeks through cosmetic surgery using different methods. The most effective techniques are liposuction of the cheeks and the reduction of the Bichat balls or bichectomy.

What is cheek surgery?

Cosmetic surgery of the cheeks includes all cosmetic surgery procedures that aim to beautify and rejuvenate the cheeks.

What are the objectives?

The goals of cheek surgery are:

  • Reduce the volume of the cheeks and refine them
  • Increase the volume of cheeks and cheekbones
  • Treat cheek wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate cheeks
  • Restore cheek volume
  • Create dimples

Who should undergo cosmetic surgery on the cheeks?

Cheek surgery is for all patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their cheeks and the proportions of their face. The cheeks may be too large or not projected enough.

What is the operating mode?

Before the surgery

During your consultation, your surgeon will analyze your face as a whole and propose a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

The facial analysis includes:

  • First of all, a complete clinical examination of the face
  • Evaluation of the different segments of the face: upper third, middle third and lower third.
  • Projection of the nose, cheeks, cheekbones and chin
  • Taking of photos from different angles
  • Simulation and morphing

Course of the surgery

Cosmetic cheek surgery is performed in the operating room under local or general anesthesia.

Aesthetic medicine treatments of the cheeks take place in the doctor’s office.

Post-operative care

After cheek surgery treatments, you should allow about ten days of rest so that bruising and swelling disappear.

After the aesthetic medicine treatments of the cheeks, the aftermath is very simple and you can resume your activities immediately.

What are the prices ?

Surgical interventionPrice
Dimple surgery – dimpleplastyFrom 3 000 €
Surgical interventionPrice
Reduction of the Bichat ballsFrom 3 000 €
Surgical interventionPrice
Liposuction of the cheeksFrom 3 000 €


Why do cheeks hollow out?

Cheeks become hollow due to facial aging or significant weight loss. The aging of the face leads to a melting of the volume of the face.

How to refine your face surgery?

To refine the face through surgery here are the possible techniques:

  • Facial liposuction (superficial fat)
  • Bichat ball reduction or bichectomy (deep fat)

How to make your cheekbones stand out?

To bring out the cheekbones it is possible :

  • Increase the volume of the cheeks by hyaluronic acid or lipofilling (fat injection)
  • Reduce the volume of the cheeks by liposuction of the cheeks or reduction of the Bichat balls.

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