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Specialist in surgical reduction of Bichat's balls or bichectomy

Bichat ball reduction or bichectomy sculpts your face and gives your cheeks more definition. The buccal fat pad or Bichat’s ball is located deep in the cheek, under the muscles.  The volume of the Bichat’s ball varies from person to person, regardless of weight. In fact, large oral fat pads are often hereditary and are not affected by diet and exercise. Bichat’s balls thus give a fatty or hollow appearance to the cheek depending on their size.

A reduction of Bichat’s balls will help refine the cheeks for patients who complain of having a round face and improve the contour of the face.

During this facial cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon removes only part of the Bichat’s ball, never the entirety.

This is why we speak of reduction and not removal of Bichat’s balls.

This information sheet was written by Dr. Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris and who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He regularly performs bichectomy to refine the cheeks.

Before and after photos of bichectomy in Paris


What is the Bichat ball reduction ?

Bichat’s balls reduction is a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that consists in reducing the volume of Bichat’s balls in order to refine the cheeks and treat large cheeks permanently.

What are the objectives of bichectomy ?

The goals of the Bichat ball reduction are:

  • Reduce the volume of the cheeks
  • Treat large cheeks
  • Improve cheek definition
  • Refine the face

Who are the candidates for bichectomy?

Bichat Ball Reduction is for patients who wish to treat large cheeks, refine their face and improve cheek definition.

How is the reduction of the Bichat balls carried out?

Two medical consultations with your plastic surgeon to analyze your face and define the surgical strategy adapted to your case.

This plastic surgery operation takes place under local anesthesia in the operating room.

The hospitalization is done on an outpatient basis (entry in the morning and exit in the evening) with a return home the same day. The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Your plastic surgeon makes a 1 cm incision inside the mouth. The incision is located just above the upper molars and in the inner mucosa of the cheek, staying away from the chewing muscles and the facial nerve.

The incisions inside the mouth will thus be completely invisible. After this incision, the fatty balls that form the Bichat ball are identified and only the excess that causes the bulge is removed.

At the end of the procedure, the incisions are closed with absorbable thread that will fall out by itself.

Post-operative care

After the reduction of Bichat’s balls, no dressing is necessary.

The application of ice on the cheeks is strongly recommended in order to reduce the swelling of the cheeks.

The swelling of the cheeks can be important postoperatively during the 7 days following the operation.
A mixed diet is also necessary for 3 days, as well as mouthwash for 7 days.

It is also important to know that the pain is not very strong and is relieved by simple analgesics. Hematomas are rather rare.

The result of this cosmetic surgery of the face is visible after one month after the operation. Once the edema is completely resorbed.

The procedure therefore treats the appearance of large cheeks and improves the contour of the face.

You can expect significant swelling for a week after surgery. You will be physically well enough to carry out your normal activities, but you may want to take some time off while the swelling subsides. 

Bichectomy price in Paris

Surgical interventionPrice
Bichectomy or reduction of the balls of BichatFrom 4000 €

This procedure is not covered by social security.


What are the benefits of Bichat ball reduction?

  • You will not have visible scars since the procedure is done inside your mouth.
  • The final results are permanent, even if you gain weight. It is a quick surgical procedure: the bichectomy usually takes only about 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Post-operative effects are relatively minimal and most patients return to work after three days.
  • This cheek slimming surgery can create a more mature facial contour.

Who are the good candidates for the Bichat ball reduction?

Oral fat removal is a good procedure for patients who feel their face is too round or chubby.” “It creates a slimmer, more contoured and sculpted lower third of the face.”

If you may have wide cheeks due to overdeveloped jaw muscles, removing the buccal fat may not help, but Botox can relax the masseter muscle and slim your face over time.

At what age can a bichectomy be performed?

From the age of 18, it is possible to consider a bichectomy. 

What are the procedures and alternatives to refine the face?

  • Bichat Ball Reduction
  • Cheek Liposuction
  • Some temporary non-invasive treatments can give your cheekbones a more contoured appearance such as Voluma hyaluronic acid or Stylage XL
  • If a jaw muscle is overdeveloped, Botox injections into the muscle can make it thinner and refine your face. 

Is there a risk of premature aging after reduction of the Bichat balls?

The risk is low, but this is why Bichat ball reduction is not indicated after the age of 50 because of the natural loss of volume of the face with aging.

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