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Surgical genioplasty is cosmetic surgery of the chin.

Cosmetic surgery of the face gives an important place to the chin. Indeed, many patients consult us to improve the proportions of the lower part of the chin and to correct a receding chin or a sagging lower face.

This information sheet was written by Dr ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris and who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. He very regularly performs operations to increase the chin by prosthesis.

What is chin augmentation genioplasty ?

Augmentation genioplasty by chin prosthesis is a plastic and aesthetic surgery procedure which aims to increase the projection of the chin in order to harmonize the lower face and to tighten the skin when the chin is too small or receding.

What are the objectives ?

  • Increase chin projection
  • Correct chin position
  • Treat sagging lower face skin
  • Improve the profile by performing a profiloplasty.

Who is it for ?

Chin augmentation genioplasty is intended for patients who have a receding or poorly projected chin or one that is simply positioned backwards and creates an impression of a lack of bone structure on the lower face.

What is the procedure?

Before the intervention

  • 2 medical consultations with your plastic surgeon to define the strategy adapted to your case.
  • Anesthesia consultation
  • Preoperative blood test

Process of the operation

Chin augmentation by prosthesis takes place in the operating room under general anesthesia, usually on an outpatient basis (same day discharge).

The surgeon cuts the mucous membrane inside the mouth and removes it flush with the bone, then places the chin implant and fixes it with a screw.

The closure of the mucous membrane is done with absorbable thread which disappears in 20 days on average.

Post-operative care

The after-effects are not very painful with the presence of bruises and swelling for about ten days. Mouthwash and painkillers will effectively relieve you.

You can resume your daily activities 7 days after the operation.

What are the fees for surgical genioplasty?

Surgical procedurePrice
Chin augmentation by implant From 4 000 €

The fee depends on the complexity of your case and the associated procedures during surgery.

The questions most often asked by patients

What is a receding chin?

A receding chin is when the chin is located behind the vertical line passing through the tip of the nose. This gives the impression of a small recessed chin and a lack of definition of the lower face.

How to move your chin forward?

It is possible to move the chin forward with a chin prosthesis or with hyaluronic acid injections.

How to remove the double chin with surgery?

Liposuction can be used to treat the double chin. The chin prosthesis can also be used to treat the double chin by improving the projection of the lower face.


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