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Rhinoplasty to remove the bump on the nose

Rhinoplasty to remove a nasal hump is a very common request in nose surgery.

The goal of this procedure is to reshape the bone and cartilage of the back of the nose in order to obtain a harmonious and straight nose from the profile as well as from the front.

This information sheet was written in June 2021 by Dr. Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris specializing in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Ralph ABBOU defended his medical thesis on the subject of rhinoplasty and has published several scientific papers on this subject.

Dr Ralph ABBOU participates in several congresses per year in France and abroad in order to maintain and perfect his theoretical and technical skills.

Before and after photos of nasal hump rhinoplasty

How to remove a nose bump with rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty to remove the nasal hump is a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that harmonizes and beautifies the top of the nose or nasal dorsum.

The nasal hump is composed of :

  • First of all, bone (nasal pyramid and nose bone)
  • Then of cartilage (triangular cartilage and septum)

The goals of rhinoplasty to treat a nasal hump are to flatten and smooth the back of the nose to permanently treat an embarrassing hump.

How is the operation for a bump on the nose performed?

First of all, it is possible to do a rhinoplasty simulation in order to preview the final result before embarking on the operation. To remove the hump of the nose, there are several ways to proceed:

  • First, a closed approach, i.e. without external scarring: the bump is removed using special instruments from inside the nose
  • Then by open approach, with direct access to the hump: this technique is used when additional surgical procedures are necessary (reduction of the tip …)
  • Finally, without surgery, hyaluronic acid injections will allow for a medical rhinoplasty to correct the hump.

Price of nose bump treatment in Paris 

From 4000 €

The price of rhinoplasty to treat a nose bump depends on the complexity of your case.


Why do we have a bump on the nose?

The bump on the nose is due to:

  • Congenital deformation of the bones or cartilage
  • Trauma or shock

How to correct a nose bump without surgery ?

By injections of hyaluronic acid, this is medical rhinoplasty which is performed at the doctor’s office. The results of medical rhinoplasty without surgery last one year on average.

How to remove a bump on the nose ?

  • Surgical operation
  • Hyaluronic acid injections

Does the nose job hurt ?

No, it is more a question of respiratory discomfort for a few days. Rhinoplasty is not painful


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