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Reduce the length of the nostrils

The reduction of nostrils is a very frequent request in cosmetic surgery during a rhinoplasty. Indeed, many patients complain of having nostrils that are too wide or too large, which give the appearance of a flared nose and lack definition.

This information sheet was written in June 2021 by Dr. Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris specializing in rhinoplasty.

Dr Ralph ABBOU defended his medical thesis on the subject of rhinoplasty and has published several scientific publications on the subject.

Dr Ralph ABBOU participates in several congresses per year in France and abroad in order to maintain and perfect his theoretical and technical skills.

Before and after nostril reduction rhinoplasty in Paris

What is nostril reduction ?

In the context of an ethnic rhinoplasty, some patients request a reduction of the nostrils.

The dimensions of the nostril openings are very variable. They depend on the following parameters:

  • The width of the nostrils
  • The shape of the cartilages of the tip of the nose: the winged cartilages
  • The projection of the tip of the nose and the position of the nasal septum.
  • The thickness of the skin of the nose

Why would you want to reduce your nostrils?

The goals of nostril reduction are:

  • All patients who wish to refine the tip of the nose and improve its definition
  • All patients who wish to reduce the diameter of the nostrils and their width

Who should have a nostril reduction?

Nostril reduction is for:

  • Two cosmetic surgery medical consultations to analyze your nose and define your surgical project.
  • Anesthesia consultation if general anesthesia
  • Pre-operative blood test

How is the nostril reduction performed?

Before the intervention

  • Deux consultations médicales de chirurgie esthétique afin d’analyser votre nez et de définir votre projet chirurgical.
  • Consultation d’anesthésie si anesthésie générale
  • Bilan sanguin pré opératoire

Nostril reduction takes place in the operating room and is based on the following cosmetic surgery techniques:

  • Remodeling of the cartilages of the tip of the nose (alar cartilages) by plicature and resection techniques.
  • Reduction of the projection of the nose, which will reduce the length of the nostrils
  • Remodeling of the nose wing.
  • We can also thin the skin of the tip of the nose

Post-operative care

  • No plaster, no splints, no wicks 
  • Bruises for 7-10 days
  • No or little pain 
  • Result about 1 month after the operation

Nostril reduction price Paris

From 3000 €

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