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Fracture of the nose: which operation to repair a broken nose?

After a trauma or a shock to the nose, it may be necessary to perform an operation to repair the damage caused to the nasal pyramid, the nasal bone and the cartilage.

In surgery, this operation is called post-traumatic rhinoplasty. It is a very common procedure in nose surgery.

This information sheet was written in June 2021 by Dr Ralph ABBOU who is a plastic surgeon in Paris. Dr. ABBOU specializes in cosmetic surgery and regularly performs nose surgery both in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Ralph ABBOU has defended his medical thesis on the subject of rhinoplasty and has published several scientific publications on the subject.

Dr Ralph ABBOU participates in several congresses per year in France and abroad in order to maintain and perfect his theoretical and technical skills.

Before and after photos of post-traumatic rhinoplasty

Post-traumatic rhinoplasty: the operation for a broken nose

Post-traumatic rhinoplasty includes all surgical procedures that aim to restore respiratory function and aesthetics of the nose after a trauma:

  • Tout d’abord la réparation de plaies des tissus mous ( peau et muscle) ou de perte de substance.
  • Ensuite la réduction d’une fracture des os du nez et correction d’une déviation de l’axe du nez.
  • Puis des greffes de cartilages pour réparer la charpente du nez.
  • Enfin des greffes pour restaurer la muqueuse interne du nez.

What are the objectives of post-traumatic rhinoplasty?

  • Treatment of a traumatic deviation of the nasal septum
  • Treatment of a skin wound
  • Treatment of nasal cartilage wounds
  • Improvement of the respiratory function

Who is it for?

Post-traumatic rhinoplasty is for patients who have suffered a trauma to the nose.

Every nose is different, therefore every nasal injury is also unique. 

  • Broken nose: involves a break in the bones and cartilage of the nose. Patients who suffer a broken nose often experience immediate pain, swelling and severe bruising around the nasal area. Untreated broken noses tend to heal crooked or with a bump.
  • Blocked airway: Nasal damage that affects the inside of the nose can affect respiratory function, sinus problems and some forms of sleep apnea that can affect sleep patterns and overall health.
  • Compound damage: Many athletes or victims of repeated trauma may suffer multiple nasal fractures that can build up over time and damage the deep structure of the nose.
  • Blood clots: When the nose experiences trauma, there is a risk of blood clots forming. If left untreated, the clot can deteriorate the cartilage and cause a collapse. This deformity is commonly referred to as nasal saddle.

Price of post-traumatic rhinoplasty in Paris

From 4000 €.
This rate depends on the complexity of your case


Can you have a nose job at any age?

Yes, it is possible to have a post-traumatic rhinoplasty operation before the age of 18.

What are the other types of rhinoplasty?

  • Ultrasonic rhinoplasty: reshaping the nose with ultrasound
  • Rhinoplasty to treat a nose bump
  • Medical rhinoplasty: injection of hyaluronic acid, without surgery
  • Secondary rhinoplasty after a failed first rhinoplasty

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